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Suspicious fire at Corringales Farm in 1804.

My 4th great grand uncle James Bingham (1775 - 1831) owned Corringales Farm in 1804 when a fire broke out believed to be the result of arson.  When James died in 1831 (the article indicates he had a wife and 2 children but I found no evidence of that.  Did they die in the fire one wonders?), he Willed some of the property to his nephew George Gentry (his sister Martha Bingham's son), and some of the property to my 4th great grandfather John Bingham (1782-1838), his brother.

This excerpt was originally published in the Ipswich Journal in 1804,  and was re-published in the Windows on the Past section in the Hatfield Heath Magazine May 2011 edition:

IPSWICH JOURNAL 1st December1804
Fire at Skringils (Corringales)
Friday se'nnight a fire broke out upon a farm called Skringels, the property of Mr. Bingham of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. There were two fires the same evening upon this unfortunate persons premises. The first fire began at a barn about a 1⁄4 mile from the dwelling house which was immediately so involved in flames that no prospect appeared to the alarmed neighbourhood of saving the property. The barn was soon levelled with the earth, and with its contents became one heap of rubbish. But what horror will it excite in our readers, and with what indignation will they receive the information when they are told that about 8 o'clock the same evening, 2 barns nearly adjoining the dwelling house where the son and daughter of Mr Bingham resided, were discovered to be so enveloped with flames as to be out of the reach of humans intervention to extinguish them, the fire at one and the same time burst out at different places. Very strong reasons therefore exist to ground suspicion that the whole of this melancholy and lamentable conflagration was the work of some diabolical incendiary whose wicked inventions have but too well succeeded in the destruction of the whole of Mr Bingham's property amounting to near £1000. 

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